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Week 29
~ Thinking Ahead

Well it feels like a lot has happened in the last week. First of all we finally bought a new car - well a second hand car that is new for us. It is a Toyota Ipsum, a small people mover or MPV-type car. We're really happy with it. It has everything we were looking for. It has plenty of space for our growing family without being too much of a bus to drive or too much of a gas-guzzler. It isn't too old, and still has low odometer reading so it should last us a long time. It sits higher than the little hatchback I used to drive so it is so much easier to get Levi in and out of his car seat which I really appreciate. With my big belly, it was getting to be really difficult to bend down to lug him in! It feels so good to have the car issue sorted. We definitely needed a bigger vehicle and now I don't have to worry about it anymore. Fantastic! We still need to sell our old car though, so hopefully that will be as painless and quick an experience as possible. We'll need to do a good clean of it and take it to Dad to get it tuned first though so we can try and get as much as possible for it.

Brandon's mum also got back from her holiday in the states last night. We went out to the airport to pick her up and it was really good to see her. She really spoilt us, especially baby. We have the most adorable collection of cute onesies and stretch 'n' grows for our little girl. It feels so funny to have so much pink in the house! Up until now it has been all about blue and trucks and cars, now we have lots of pink with flowers and butterflies! It's hard to believe there is going to be a little girl here, I have become so used to pointing out trucks, buses, diggers and tractors, I wonder if girls are as into those sorts of things as Levi is - who knows?! It's all a bit of an unknown quantity for me, I am really looking forward to seeing what her personality is like and getting to know what makes her excited. I have a sister who is a little bit younger than my brother (who is younger than me), and they are really close, so she was always a real tom-boy growing up because she was always trying to keep up with everything our brother was doing. I wonder if it will be a similar dynamic between our two children or not. It will be so interesting to see!

I have been thinking about the birth a lot over the past week. I have been re-reading the hospital notes from when I had Levi, and reading all the articles I can get my hands on. It is a funny position to be in, aiming for a VBAC. On the one hand, I feel like I know so much more about what to expect about labour than I did last time, but on the other hand because I am aiming for a natural birth, but have never had one, I feel like a new mother again venturing into the unknown. If I do have a natural birth will I tear a lot? Will I be able to handle the pain without an epidural? Will the labour be long? How will I know I am in labour? (Last time I didn't realise I was in labour - I went in for a check up and the midwife told me - I didn't start feeling contractions until I was about 5cm dilated). And then in the end - the big question - will I even have a natural birth or will I have another caesarean? All these unknowns! But I guess that is all part and parcel of the miracle of giving birth isn't it? In any case, it is giving me a lot to think about!

Til next week,

 ~ Kelly

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