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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 30 and 31
~ Oh no, sick again!

Kelly at 31 weeksFirstly my apologies for missing a week, I have been sick AGAIN can you believe it? I really thought after the last time I was sick, that I had done my dues with being sick and would be healthy and well for the last part of my pregnancy . . . but it is not so.

I finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics to help clear things up. I didn't want to go onto antibiotics, I was sure I could make myself better by resting, eating well and getting plenty of fluids, but I think the fact of the matter is, that being in my last trimester of pregnancy, I am just not able to get a good night's sleep to allow me to recover, and running around after a toddler isn't very conducive to resting a great deal! So my body is never able to properly catch up on itself. So off to the doctor I went. Apparently I have infected sinuses which the doctor suspects have been making me sick for the past month or so. So . . . fingers crossed, hopefully that will make things clear up and I will be all better (please!)

So I wish I could report that I have been feeling fantastic and coping really well, but honestly I haven't. I have been sleeping terribly, not only do I have to contend with the regular sleeping troubles that accompany pregnancy, but I have been waking regularly battling congestion and coughing up/blowing out my nose yucky green mucous stuff - very disgusting and unpleasant!

Levi hasn't been coping well with such an invalid for a mother! He is definitely a child that needs to be outdoors and burning energy a lot, which I haven't been able to do with him lately, so he has been acting up a little. Poor fellow, I really feel sorry for him. He isn't able to fully understand why Mum is so big and can't play as easily as she used to, and why she is sick and can't go outside and run around at the park as often. But this won't last forever, and all things going well, soon I will be much more myself and able to care for him much better.

I have a new plan to try and get a better sleep which I have been trying the last few nights and it seems to be working really well. My plan is to go to bed late, and wake up early, and to use that time to get all the things done that I usually do while Levi is asleep, (cook dinner for the next day, fold washing, clean bathroom etc) and then go to bed for a nap when Levi does. I was finding that the longer I was in bed, the more uncomfortable I became and the worse sleep I had, so the theory is that if I have a shorter sleep at night and then a great nap in the middle of the day, I should be doing much better. So far it has been great, I'll keep you posted on whether it continues to work!

So once again I remain positive that things will improve from here on out. I am expecting to get bigger and more uncomfortable in that respect, but I am sure I can only get healthier! (Here's hoping)

Hope you are all healthy and well!

Til next week,

 ~ Kelly

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