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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

I have just been reading over the titles of my previous posts and it seems as if it's a constant roller coaster of ups and downs! Good week, bad week, good week, bad week! The excellent news is, that this week has been a good week! The antibiotics have worked well, and I am feeling much, much better. I have also been sleeping well! Hooray! Embarrassingly, I woke up one morning this week, after the best sleep I have had in months, and Brandon wasn't there. It turns out I had been snoring so loud he went and slept on the couch! If I wasn't so happy I had slept so well, I would be far too embarrassed to tell you all, but as it is, I actually don't mind if I snore, as long as it means I'm in a nice deep slumber! Poor Brandon. Haha Oh, and just for the record, I don't normally snore. Let's hope it's just a temporary pregnancy thing that disappears soon!

I have been maintaining my new sleep routine where I try and get a nap in during the day and it is still great. I have become really good at dozing off in the middle of the day, and it seems to help me cope so much better. I don't flake out on the couch too exhausted to do anything in the evenings anymore. Hopefully Levi will still be napping during the day when baby arrives and I will be able to coordinate them both to take a nap during the middle of the day so I can get some rest to help me cope with those nights of broken sleep.

Oh, one bad thing that happened this week was that someone asked me if I was having twins! I couldn't believe it! I had been feeling pretty good up until that point, and then that one comment made me feel like a huge waddling hippopotamus! According to the midwife though, I am measuring completely normal, not big at all, so it just goes to show you should ignore people who make stupid comments because they have no idea what they are talking about and should just keep their thoughts to themselves!

Anyway, I think that's about all for this week

 ~ Kelly

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