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Week 34
~ Déjà vu

A surprisingly disheartened entry this week. I had a midwife appointment today, and found out that the baby is very high, and extremely posterior. My midwife said that she was going to try and talk me out of having an elective caesarean, but after feeling the position of the baby, conceded that perhaps it is my best option. I was surprised at myself, but I felt really disheartened about that news. Perhaps subconsciously I was hoping that if I booked the caesarean, then fate would intervene and the baby would magically turn around and drop into the perfect position for a natural delivery. But it seems it is not to be. At least I know and can prepare myself and get my head around it.

Apart from that news things have been going great. I am getting really excited about Christmas, and have some special secret Christmas projects underway, which is helping me pass the time. I remember last pregnancy this last stretch seemed to go on forever, hopefully the festive season will help it not to drag! The flip side of that though is that I have been making all sorts of lists of things I want to get done before the baby comes, and it seems I am rapidly running out of time to get them done! I am determined though to sort out my priorities so I am not running myself into the ground just before baby arrives. I know the best Christmas gift I can give myself, is to be sensible, and be as well rested as I can be before the baby arrives, 'cos there won't be much sleep to be had after she's here!

 ~ Kelly

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