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Week 35
~ Feeling much more content about things

I am feeling so much better about the idea of a caesarean. I had a great conversation with a friend of mine who has just completed her midwifery training. I mention to her that I was booked in for a caesarean and the reasons why (posterior baby, high head, possibly large baby), as well as the pros of this course of action (known date, more time with Brandon at home etc), and to my surprise, she said that she thought that was definitely the best decision. She was so lovely and supportive I walked away feeling much much better about the whole situation. I don't know why; I don't think I needed to be validated by someone else, but I just felt more comfortable letting all the "but what ifs" go. I stopped thinking, "but maybe if I do labour it could go really well" and instead started thinking, this is by far the most practical and logical course for me to take. I know what is going to be involved and I can take steps to prepare. So I am in a much better head space.

The weather has started to get really hot over here, and I am definitely feeling it. I love the fact that the days are so gorgeous with blue skies, but when I'm actually outside in the nice weather, I quickly start feeling like I might pass out! Hopefully I'm just going through an adjustment period as my body acclimatises to the new temperatures. I'm really glad that this baby will be born before it gets really hot. The hottest time of the year here is February/March, which was exactly when Levi was born.

We had our wedding anniversary this week. Brandon surprised me by taking the day off, but not telling me until that morning. It was the best surprise! Levi and I LOVE it when Brandon is home. It also meant that Brandon was able to come to the midwife appointment and meet my midwife which was great, at least he won't be meeting her for the first time on D-Day. We spent the rest of the day playing with Levi and just hanging out enjoying the chance to be able to relax together - because it was a surprise, we hadn't made lots of plans and we could just take it easy. I loved it! We went out for dinner that night too, while my mum babysat, which was a nice treat. We're going to try and take as many opportunities as we can to get out and spend time together as a couple while Levi is asleep at nights in these last few weeks. It will be a while before I can leave baby for long stretches while she is still breastfeeding, so we're going to try and get out while we can, and build up our "couple-time" reserves!

 ~ Kelly

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