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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Would this baby please make up her mind!

Well after getting my head around the whole elective caesarean issue, I went to the midwife today, and apparently the baby has dropped, and has started to engage! I was totally surprised. She is still posterior, but now the midwife is telling me that if I can get her to turn around, then she thinks a natural birth will go really well. I haven't allowed myself to get my hopes up. I'm still telling myself that I will probably have a caesarean, but I am also taking as many opportunities to get on my hands and knees as I can to see if I can get her to turn around. This pregnancy thing is just one big roller coaster ride!

I have been feeling remarkably good considering I am the size of a hippo and only a couple of weeks away from giving birth so I am just enjoying it while it lasts. I've been going walking, and although it really tires me out, it feels good to be doing something good for my body, and all the Braxton-Hicks I get while I'm walking get me all excited that our little girl will be here soon, which also means I won't be pregnant soon! Sometimes though, when the Braxton-Hicks get a little painful, I get frustrated because if I have a caesarean, then those 'practice contractions' won't do me any good - I don't need them, can't they just go away and leave me in peace?!!

Levi has been going through a rough phase at the moment. Up until now he has been an amazing toddler - he LOVED going to sleep in his cot. It was his favourite part of the day when he could go down for his afternoon nap, and then go to bed in the evening. He would have a big smile, and run into his room, and clamber to get into his cot. It was amazing and wonderful! But then, on Monday, something snapped, I have no idea what, but I put him down for his nap and he just cried and cried. I went in to check on him, and there didn't seem to be anything wrong. That afternoon, he was completely normal, and then when it was time for his bedtime, he cried and cried again, eventually falling asleep after a huge protest. This was all extremely distressing for me! I have not been able to figure out what has changed. Over the next few days sometimes he cried for ages, sometimes he just when straight to sleep like he used to. It seems like he is heading back into his good habit though. Thank goodness! It was quite alarming, I was panicking that he was going to turn into a terrible sleeper just in time for baby to arrive, not something I need! He has also been pushing the boundaries in other areas too. The frequency of tantrum throwing has increased over the last couple of weeks. Perhaps he senses that things are changing and he needs to feel he is still secure and so is testing his boundaries. Or maybe he is just being a toddler!

Here's hoping things keep improving!

 ~ Kelly

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