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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ So Much To Do, and So Little Time To Do It In!

Kelly at 38 weeksThis has been a really good week. Considering I'm 37 weeks pregnant and nearly ready to burst, I have been feeling really good, much better than I remember feeling when I was at this stage with Levi. I'm smaller this time than I was with Levi - believe it or not! Last time I was ENORMOUS. I am still pretty huge though - as you can see. It's great though, being this close to due, because when people say "When are you due?" I can say, "In 2 weeks", instead of "I still have 2 months to go", and having the person give me a half shocked, half sympathetic kind of a look!

The only thing that is bothering me, is the need to get things done, but the limited time and energy I have to do it. With Levi, I had a nice long break of maternity leave before he was born, so I was able to rest up well, and get the house completely spick and span before the baby came. Obviously, there's no one to give you maternity leave when you are a stay at home mum, so I'm struggling to get all the nesting done I want to. I would love to scrub down skirtings, and rearrange closets, as well as spend a lot of time preparing for Christmas, but I am determined not to overdo things and exhaust myself, so I am having to be content with the things that I can do, and deal with the fact, that I can make sure the house is relatively clean and tidy for when the baby comes, but it probably won't be sparkling.

The baby is still posterior, despite my efforts and rocking back and forth on my hands and knees endlessly! I spoke to an acupuncturist about what they can do to try and get the baby to turn. I am undecided about whether to go to them for treatment, it will cost a fair bit, and there are no guarantees about whether it will work or not, so I'm still mulling it over. The midwife is going to do a sweep of my membranes next week, so I'll reassess then.

 ~ Kelly

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