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Week 38
~ Getting Down to the Business End of Things!

Well it's been a very eventful week this week. Things are getting exciting, we are definitely on the home stretch. Not long until we have our new baby girl!

On Tuesday my midwife gave me an internal examination, to see how things were going, and to see if we could kick start labour before the date of the elective caesarean. She said my cervix was very soft and ripe, and I was 3cm dilated already which was really good news. The bad news though, was that the baby was still very posterior and the head was very high, so my chances of going into labour are not that good. I felt really crampy for the rest of the day, and went for a long walk that evening to try and kick-start things, but nothing happened.

On Wednesday morning I got a massive shock when I got a call from the hospital, saying they had a vacancy in the elective caesarean spots that day and could I please be there in an hour for my caesarean! I couldn't believe it, I was expecting to only be given short notice, but not that short, and not two weeks before my due date! I'm not keen on pulling this baby out any earlier than is necessary, so I discussed this with them, and they were very obliging and found me a slot on Friday the 21st of December, so we have a date! Yay! I'm really happy about that date; it allows me to let baby cook for as long as possible, while still (hopefully) being home for Christmas. I was in a bit of a panic for the rest of the day after that phone call though, I hadn't even packed my hospital bag yet! It was a wake up call that the baby is really really close to being here!

On Friday I had my appointments with the obstetrician and the anaesthetist which went really well. The anaesthetist appointment was really just a formality, checking I don't have any allergies, and am aware of the risks and so on and so forth, but the obstetrician appointment was interesting. She gave me a quick scan to check the positioning - still high head and posterior, and reviewed the information from my last birth. She said that there is a fairly high chance that I will end up with a caesarean again, but that there is no reason why I shouldn't safely be able to attempt a VBAC if I want to. I'm not keen to pull out of the booked caesarean just yet, so my plan will be, if I go into labour (which I don't actually think is all that likely) then I will give it a go, otherwise I will proceed with the caesarean.

The other thing that happened was she asked me how many movements I had felt that day, and I honestly couldn't remember feeling the baby at all, which I told her. I didn't know if it was because I just wasn't noticing them because I was busy with other things, or if the baby just hadn't moved. Anyway, the obstetrician said that I needed to take careful note of the movements I had been feeling, and if I hadn't felt 10 movements by that afternoon to give the midwife a call. Well of course then I was worried and trying to pay extra special attention to any kicks, and by 3 that afternoon I had only felt her kick twice, so I called the midwife, and arranged to go and be monitored on the CTG. Once I was on though, it showed that everything was fine. The baby's heart rate was fine, and the movements were fine. Thank goodness. Baby was still pretty quiet for the rest of the day, but by that evening her kicks were back to normal, so it was a relief to know that everything was actually alright.

Today (Saturday) I went in for another appointment with my midwife, to do another internal examination. I am still about 3cm and the cervix is very favourable, but unfortunately baby is still very posterior and very high. *Sigh* I am pretty sure that things are not going to change, and I will be heading into theatre on Friday. Oh well, such is life. At the end of the day the birth is just one day, the real mothering happens in the 20 years following that, and all we can really hope for is a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season!

 ~ Kelly

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