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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 4 - 6
We're Getting a Baby for Christmas!

Brandon and I were so excited to find out that we were expecting another baby. I was actually surprised when I did the pregnancy test and it was positive. Having been pregnant before I was sure I would be able to 'feel' that I was pregnant straight away, but I was wrong. I thought I had been having PMS symptoms and had told Brandon that I was pretty sure my period was coming and that we hadn't been successful that month. Then my period was a day late, and then two days late, and I was determined that I wasn't going to take a test straight away, that I would wait until I was about a week late, but after a night of dreams all about pregnancy tests I had to know! So I got out of bed at 6am and did the test - saw it was positive, did another one just to be sure - and climbed back into bed and told Brandon the good news - he was thrilled!

Being slightly obsessed with dates, I had already figured out that if we conceived that month our baby would be due Christmas day - how exciting is that? Initially I wasn't that happy about our baby having a birthday on or really close to Christmas, but we have realised that the timing is actually pretty great. In New Zealand we have Christmas in the summer - so most people take their big holidays over Christmas and New Years, Brandon will be off work until the middle of January, and my parents will be off work and will be able to help us out a lot which will be a great blessing. I am also excited because my Grandmother's birthday is Christmas day, so if her and baby could share their birthday that would be really special.

I had been feeling pretty good during this time - last time I had incredibly sore breasts, but so far none. Maybe they have been 'broken in' from pregnancy and breastfeeding last time - I don't know. I hadn't had too much morning sickness either which is great - sometimes the thought of a particular food made me nauseous, but as long as I didn't eat or smell it I was fine!

I went to the doctor who confirmed the pregnancy and sent me off for the initial round of blood tests and the results all came back fine, so we're all set to prepare for an amazing Christmas!

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