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Weeks 7-9
What a Relief!

I had a little scare this week - I had a bit of bleeding which was slightly alarming. Just a bit, but enough to make me worry. Nothing like this had happened with Levi so I went to the doctor to get checked out. She examined me and said that my uterus felt like it was growing as it should, but sent me off for a scan just to be sure. So I went to the scan and everything was fine. It was amazing to see baby already had a strong healthy heartbeat - it was incredible to see, and so reassuring. They found what was causing the bleeding and said that it was pretty common at this stage of pregnancy and that it would just 'reabsorb', so as long as I don't get any more bleeds, I'm fine. Thank goodness!

The morning sickness has started to get worse, and I have had my first pregnancy vomit - nasty! I am actually feeling much better this time than I had last time. I think it is because last time I was a student, so I was on the bus by 7am and then trudging across town to the university and then in lectures by 8am- all of which is pretty hard to handle when you're in the early stages of pregnancy! This time, although I have to run around constantly after a toddler, I can stay in bed a little longer, and I can take the mornings easy if I need to - long may it continue!

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