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Week 33
~ On Bedrest

Note: Kelly was placed on bedrest after her last entry and has been unable to keep up her journal. Here's a quick update:

July 3, 2004

I am VERY uncomfortable at this point but that is only because I am so far along. Right now it is impossible to get comfortable in any position and I wake up about every hour to go to the bathroom at night. My belly has gotten so big that the skin is actually cracking and itching like crazy which is very annoying - I use tons of lotion every day. The babies are just taking up so much room that its difficult to do anything. I remember thinking a few weeks ago there was no way I could get bigger but your body just keeps growing and growing; it's amazing.

My babies are actually both breech - Baby A is bum down right on top of my cervix and my Baby B is transverse laying across the top of my uterus. I will have a c-section because they haven't moved in weeks and don't have room to move at this point. I have gained 42 pounds so far - I was at about a 26 pound gain around 24 weeks. The weight is just piling on and I realized there is just nothing I can do to stop it. It is the way my body is carrying. A lot of it is in my belly which gets bigger every day but I also gained all over - arms, face, thighs.

We've purchase two cribs and put them up in the Nursery with everything else. For the first few months we got the Arm's reach co-sleeper which we will have them share at a first (recommended to us by a friend who has twins). The co-sleeper is already set-up in our bedroom. I know three people with twins from doing IVF and they basically said you might end up trying a bunch of different things. One used the co-sleeper successfully, the other put them in one crib together for the first few months but also just used the bouncy seats for them to sleep in, the other couldn't get hers to sleep in anything but cradle swings. Most people have told me to let them sleep together at first because they are used to being together.

Right now we are just trying to hang in there - every day we add at this point helps. I have big twins compared to the charts and average weights. If I get to 38 weeks (which I doubt because I have had contractions and am on moderate bedrest), we will do the c-section then.

July 6, 2004

We had our 33 week ultrasound appointment today for the twins - the tech kept measuring and re-measuring the babies and it was really making me nervous. Then the Peri came in and started measuring and re-measuring - finally I asked if something was wrong. She said, "No but you have HUGE babies." Our baby boy is measuring about 6.2 pounds and our girl is measuring 5.4!!! No wonder I can barely walk, sit or get comfortable in any position.

I didn't meet with my OB today but am going to call her tomorrow to talk over a few things. I am glad they are a good size but a bit concerned about how much longer I can carry these two. At least I feel a bit better about my massive weight gain now.

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