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Kevin's Twins-Father-to-Be Journal

Kevin and Susan

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you our first dad's journal!

Kevin Lonnie and his wife, Susan, are the proud parents of identical twin boys born at full term on April 19, 2000. Kevin brings you a dad's perspective as he chronicled his thoughts - joys and fears - of his impending twin-fatherhood. Hold onto your hats!

Kevin's Journal Entries


Meet Kevin!

February 2; 28 weeks
And Down the Stretch They Come

February 9; 29 weeks
You Mean Monday Is Valentine's Day?

February 19; 30 1/2 weeks
Ten weeks to go. Let the countdown begin!

March 3; 32 1/2 weeks
Spring Means Twins!

March 10; 33 1/3 weeks
Lucky Number Seven, as in Seven Weeks Left!

March 16; 34 weeks
"Anytime Now" territory

March 24; 35 weeks
March Madness or Get These Babies Out Of Me!

April 4; 37 weeks
"This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. Ain't got time for that now." - Talking Heads

April 14; 38 weeks, 5 days

April 19; 39+ weeks
Happy Birthday!

May 22, 2000

December 29, 2000
Greetings From a Faux Expert

One Year Update
Happy Birthday Boys!

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