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Kevin's Twins-Father-to-Be Journal

April 14, 2000, 38 weeks, 5 days

Susan is playing her own version of revisionist history. Readers of this journal will note the due date determined by specialists is still ten days away. My better half doesn't give a damn about due dates. All she knows is that she is in extreme discomfort. One thing you have to understand about Susan is she is a "Type A" personality. It is not in her nature to lie in bed all day. On Monday, her doctors sentenced her to limited physical activity. She's spending her days in bed trying to get comfortable.

From her sick bed, she's been hatching a scheme. Like Napoleon exiled in Elba, she is plotting to regain control. Susan has a doctor's appointment on Monday Morning (the 17th). She has let it be known that I am to accompany her. I will lay low for the initial part of the examination (in other words, act like every other dad who tags along for these check-ups), then without warning I will rise up and tell Doctor M that my wife is in extreme discomfort, enough is enough, let's induce and get it done! However, I must admit to some reluctance on my part. I think every day the boys stay in mom's womb is a good thing. But, that's me. If I was in Susan's shoes, I would have the doctor by the throat right now. The discomfort she's feeling is apparently worse than with Kate. I have a feeling that the docs have stared down these type of threats before. Still, for the sake of my wife's mental wellbeing, we have to put a time limit on this. All I can say Sean and Mike, is that your mother can't wait to see you.

The boys' cribs finally arrived by Chinese Junk from Connecticut. They really do look good. Now, I've got three cribs upstairs. I told Susan I feel like I'm running an orphanage. Spoke to my brother yesterday. He asked me if I was feeling apprehensive. I had to admit to some. We're talking 20 diaper changes a day, four plus hours of crying. But I'm better suited for this job at age 44 than even ten years ago. Back then I still needed my Friday nights with the boys. Now, I pick my spots. When the boys come, I've enlisted my neighbors into nasty cigars and high octane libations. I can still be a bad influence over my friends even as I try to be a mentor to my kids.

Five years ago, I was single and looking at sports cars. Since then, I've been picking up immediate family members at the rate of one a year. My mid-life crisis car turned into a Honda Odyssey. But as I've said in these pages before, I feel like I'm right where I'm suppose to be. Grounded at 44. I meant that in terms of mental health but I suppose it also applies to extra curricular activities. I told the guys at the local pub I'll see them again somewhere around 2017.

At least one more journal entry to go. I hope everyone visiting here is progressing well with your own expanding families. Talk to you soon.

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