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February 9, 2000, 29 weeks
~ You Mean Monday is Valentine's Day?

A dozen weeks to go. Valentine's Day is around the corner. Sean and Michael can't be far behind.

Well, I pulled a bonehead stunt. I booked a client luncheon for Monday, which of course, happens to be Valentine's Day. Susan was going to go to the office to help with the bookkeeping. When I told her we'd have to do the bookkeeping another time, she was visibly upset. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was; we're only talking about filing and bill paying. Turns out, she had planned to take me out for a nice romantic lunch. I felt like Ralph Kramden after he did something stupid to Alice. "Why do I do these stupid things Susan?" Because I have a BIG MOUTH! Well too late now, best I can do is recoup some lost ground by making dinner on Valentine's Day.

Back to the boys, the subject of this ongoing journal. A week ago, we saw a specialist on high risk pregnancies. Multiple births are a wonderful act of God, but they are more precarious. We met with Dr. H. Dr. H. is like an anti-Marcus Welby. Basically the man has the personality of anti-freeze. Still I liked him. Why you ask (or even if you didn't ask)? Because to have a thriving practice with his lousy personality, he has to be a great doctor. Dr. H. told us about the additional risks of multiple births which are magnified because we appear to be having identical twins. He told us our boys were both around 2 1/4 pounds which was very good news. The fact that they were nearly the same size was a good sign because with identicals, there is a risk that the transference of good stuff from the placenta may be hogged by Baby A.

The Field Marshall (my mother-in-law as regular readers know by now) arrived this weekend to help coordinate the set-up of the boys' room. Something about putting their clothes away in their new furniture made the impact of their impeding arrival all the more visible to me. I think it's different for Susan. They're percolating in there every day. Kicking her, listening to her, making it impossible to sleep without going to the bathroom on the hour. For me, it's a bit more removed. I see their mommy's tummy getting bigger but it's not quite as immediate. That's why setting up their room was a very visible sign to me that they're on the way. Of course, the surest sign of the boys arrival will be the bags under my eye. Once they arrive, I'm resigned to the fact I'm not going to get a good night's sleep until sometime in 2001.

I was reading the sports section today (as I do everyday) and came across an article about a player for the NY Rangers, Adam Graves. Mr. Graves lost one of his twin sons who was born prematurely. He was a little under a month old. Thank God, his other boy seems to be thriving. Boy, was that a reality check for me. By comparison, all the deadlines I'm working on seem meaningless. Up until now, I've been going under the happy assumption that everything will be just fine. I still firmly believe that. I just want in the worst way for everyone to be here happy and healthy.

Talked to my Mom the other day; she told me she can't wait for February to be over because that means the boys will be coming. I hope the boys skip the NCAA tournament (March Madness) and wait for Baseball Season. That would bring us into April. As uncomfortable as Susan will be by April, she'll gladly bear it for the health of the boys.

It's a guy thing to want to have control over situations. Can't always have it though. Sometimes, you have to just put your trust in God.

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