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February 19, 2000, 30 1/2 weeks
~ Ten weeks to go. Let the countdown begin!

Well excitement is brewing in the Lonnie household. Grandy (AKA, the Field Marshall) has traveled down from wintry Connecticut to help pick out a crib for the boys. Meanwhile, mommy is really beginning to blossom (I use blossom now, instead of saying she looks like Jiffy Pop on a hot stove) and Daddy, well Daddy is 1,400 miles away in Houston. Yes, I'm writing this on the road waiting for room service and before I hop another flight to San Antonio.

Room service arrived and I spent about 10 minutes talking to the guy about the merits of driving or flying to San Antonio. I have to get out of this hotel room soon.

This is a dad's point of view journal. And the reality is dad's point of view sometimes has to come from a distance. Daddy needs to bring home the bacon; at least that's this dad's point of view. That's what my father did and his father before him and so on. I'm not obsessed about the money thing, but running my own business, I don't have the luxury of taking a few weeks off when the boys arrive. I'm not sure if Susan will go back to work (hopefully her boss doesn't read this). I don't think Susan knows either. The first year with twins is going to be a full time job right there.

Anyway, I'm on the road this weekend because it's a $1,000 bucks cheaper with a Saturday stay over. Last night I had a client dinner, which was a lot of fun (good restaurant choice, Tricia & Bill). On Monday in San Antonio, I'll be attending a conference. That leaves the rest of the weekend in airports and hotel rooms and such.

What's new with the boys? We've been attending a five part series at the local hospital on "Marvelous Multiples". In my opinion, the series has been big on slides and a little weak on practical information. Susan is still trying to figure out if she's going to be able to breastfeed the boys, how long she will be able to do it, whether we should put a divider in their crib, whether we should try to put them on the same feeding schedule, etc, etc. You would have thought they would have covered that in the first 100 slides or so. I'm optimistic the final two classes will be worthwhile. That's when they have actual parents of multiples come in and share war stories.

We're also still up in the air about the type of delivery. Susan had a c-section to deliver Kate. Her doctors have given her all the pamphlets about VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) and told us to plan a vaginal birth. Meanwhile the "Marvelous Multiples" instructors told the moms last week that if they delivered via a "C" last time that it's almost a 100% likelihood they'll be getting a "C" to deliver the multiples. As that news came out, Susan raised her hand to say, "Wait a minute, that's the exact opposite of what my doctor said". At that point, the instructors retreated faster than a politician backing off an unpopular stance.

We're still not sure what we'll do. I told Susan we should have a game plan now. When the boys are ready to come out, that's not the time to start making decisions. So this is the current plan. If both boys are vertex (head first), we'll go for the vaginal birth. If only one of them is vertex, meaning the chances of doing a "C" for the second child is pretty high, then we'll opt for the "C" section from the get go.

A little complicated, isn't it? Almost like black jack, do I take another card with 15 if the dealer is showing a 7? The upshot is, the delivery room is no time to play a hunch. Of course, I say that now. Like the Marvelous Multiples instructor, I reserve the right to contradict everything I say with complete certainty. Hey, maybe I could be a political speechwriter after all.

Hurry up, Michael and Sean. Daddy is beginning to babble in your journal.

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