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Kevin's Twins-Father-to-Be Journal

March 3, 2000, 32 1/2 weeks
~ Spring Means Twins!

On Wednesday Night, Susan and I went to another of our Marvelous Multiples classes. This one started out with a bunch of boring slides. In fact, about halfway through we remember we had already seen them before. But by then no one wanted to say anything. Well, I wanted to say something but Susan wouldn't let me.

About halfway through the class, two moms of multiples sat down. I felt like the new recruits being joined by the wily veterans. The veteran multiple moms were laughing and giggling as they watched the slide presentation. There are definite advantages to having all of this in your rear view mirror.

When the slide show (Thank God) was over, we had a Q&A with the moms. The group, which had been quiet and laid-back from the beginning exploded with spontaneous questions. Everyone wanted their advice on strollers, cars, breastfeeding, schedules, you name it.

Let's see what I can remember. Not surprising, the minivan was the recommended car. Honda, Ford and Chrysler all make good minivans. On the issue of strollers, it all comes down to personal preference. You can have a side by side stroller which will fit in any wheel chair access door. You can see both babies and there's more room to put things underneath. On the down side, once you're in the store, maneuverability is limited. It sounds like a personal preference decision.

I was inspired to hear from one of the moms, Michelle who had 18 month old quads. Listening to her talk about what she went through (bedrest for a month, babies on monitors at home, putting them on a schedule) made us feel like we were getting off easy. I mean two babies, what's the big deal? They've got two parents for changing, two breasts for 24/7 snacking. Susan plans to breastfeed for at least the first two months. Personally (and somewhat selfishly) I'm glad to hear it. They say breast milk is best for the baby and it also takes dad off the hook. My job will be to change them and then plop them into bed next to their personal "All Day/All Night" convenience store (AKA Susan's breasts).

From everything we've heard, Susan and I plan to put the boys on a common schedule. In the beginning, it will be feed on demand. But when one boy wakes up, we'll wake up his brother to get in on the eating. This way we won't be putting one down as the other wakes up. That would simply prove too fatiguing. I do believe you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of the kids.

You know it almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about and I don't. I don't have a clue as to what it's going to be like. I think it will probably be similar to starting my own business. You walk into it with commitment and a certain amount of naivete and by the time you realize what an impossible role you've assumed, you're too far down the path to turn back.

Owning your own business does have its advantages. I've already told my employees that when the door to my office is closed, it means the boss it taking a nap. I need to go to a camping goods store to buy a sleeping bag and air mattress. I haven't told Susan about this yet. As the primary wage earner (and for at least a year, the only wage earner) I don't think she wants me sawing wood when clients are calling. But I also know that clients expect me to be on top of my game. Better to return their calls two hours later than sound like I was out drinking at lunch time.

It's March, spring begins in 18 days. I can see the homestretch. It won't be long before all hell is breaking loose. Man, I can't wait!

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