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March 10, 2000, 33 1/3 weeks
~ Lucky Number Seven, as in Seven Weeks Left!

There are less than seven weeks remaining before our April 24th due date. Actually I don't think we're going to make it another seven weeks. That would put Susan at 40 weeks which is normal for singletons but for twins is really pushing things. My best guess is April 11th, which is only five weeks from now. Hokey smokes!

I took the walk today. What, you may ask is "the walk"? For me, that means heading down to the ocean for a long stroll and accessing what the heck is going on in my life. This is the first time I've been down to the ocean since we got the news we were having twins.

Lots of stuff was going through my head. Some of it was purely selfish, like my impending sleep deprivation and the stress newborns (i.e. Mike and Sean) will put on me, Susan and little Kate. Most of it was positive. See, the way I look at it any situation can be construed in a negative or positive light. I'm getting myself psyched for the positive. I feel like an athlete going through last minute mental preparation. I'm actually getting tired of people telling me how tough the first year is going to be. It's like duhhh, I know that. But there's also going to be some amazing breakthroughs and heart felt belly laughs. The tough thing will be falling into a routine, but I think that will happen surprisingly fast (within a week).

Kate's favorite movie right now is "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland". If you're going to watch a kid's movie about 100 times, I recommend this one. There's a song from that movie (yes, I only watch toddler movies now, so they have become the source of my muse) song by Vanessa Williams called "Your Point of View". And that's the way I look at the boys' first year. You want to say it's going to be tough; well, you're right it probably will be. You want to say it's going to be one of the most remarkable years of your life; well, yeah that would be true as well. So my only choice is how I want to spend the year. I think I'd rather be happy, so damn it that's exactly what I'm going to be. I'm going to be fricking happy whether I like it or not!

We've decided to buy a Honda Odyssey. Looked around and it seems to give us the best bang for the buck among mini-vans. I'm not too excited about driving a mini-van which I've always referred to as a cow car. In my opinion, an SUV is like a bull and a mini-van looks like a cow. Still I do like the dual electric sliding doors, the CD player and the easy fold down third row. Daddy needs his perks.

Also decided to get a side by side stroller, rather than a "one behind the other" stroller. From what I've seen (and the mothers I've accosted on this) the tandem is a lot easier to maneuver. I also like all that extra storage space in the rear. We had given some thought to getting a triple stroller, but with Kate's 30+ pounds in the front, that thing would be damn hard to turn. Susan figures if she's home alone with the newborns and 18 month old Kate, she can put Kate and one of the boys in the tandem stroller and then carry the other boy next to her in one of those bosom sacks. Makes sense to me. I can only imagine me trying to get all the troops into the mini-van without Susan's help. The invasion of Normandy would take less planning.

How about some real news? We saw Dr. G on March 7th. The boys are now both over 4 lbs. and doing well. Dr. G said he's over 99% sure they are identical.

The boys are both head down, so Susan and I are excited over the possibility of natural deliveries. In fact, they're pretty much on top of each other and for some reason are staying to Susan's right side. Another three weeks will probably get them to 5 lbs. so I'm hoping that Susan will be able to carry them for a few more weeks. The technician gave us some pictures of the boys. It was amazing to see how defined their faces had become. I told Susan we could use these as the first pictures in their scrapbook. Things like that make the impending birth very, very real.

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