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March 16, 2000, 34 weeks
~ "Anytime Now" territory

A Happy St. Patrick's Day greeting from Sean Robert & Michael Patrick . . .

OK, they're not born yet, but I'm sure I speak on their behalf in wishing everyone a happy St. Paddy's day. As I write this, a little girl keeps dialing my work number by mistake. The second time, she asked to speak to Sean. The little rascal isn't even born and already the lassies are calling.

Susan is losing patience with this whole pregnancy thing. She is getting very, very uncomfortable. To all the fathers out there whose wives haven't reached this point yet, all I can say is "Watch Out!". Do not provoke your wife unnecessarily, do not use sarcasm, do not make any weight jokes. Just tell her that you love her, that she has a glow about her and she is really starting to blossom. She won't believe you but you'll score points for trying.

It's really just about a month to go. Susan stopped work yesterday. Today we looked at strollers. Still not sure what the hell we're going to buy. I swear we spent less time choosing the Honda Odyssey than we've put into this damn stroller. We measured the width of the Graco side-by-side stroller at 31". Susan is now going to the supermarket with a tape measure. She's going to roll out 31" and check for clearance. Times like this I wish I carried a camera.

We found out that Baby Depot (located in the Northeast US, not sure where else) offers a 20% discount on twins items. The discount only applies to the second item purchased, but this is better than Baby's R Us and their 10% discount.

My mother-in-law (AKA, The Field Marshall) picked up cribs for the boys. Apparently, there is nothing made or sold in New Jersey that meets her standards. So she found cribs at the Eddie Bauer Outlet up in Connecticut. I'm sure they're great and I can bet they cost a lot of money. Apparently they're being sent by Chinese Junk because they're not arriving until sometime in April. As I said, I'm sure they're great.

I saw a glider rocker at BJ's (BJ's is like a Price Club or Sam's Club) for only $40. These things cost around $400 at Baby's R US so I think I'll surprise Susan with it. She might hate it, but what the hell, I can use it. As I've said before, Daddy needs his perks.

Now I have to stop writing and call Susan to tell her what a glow she had this morning. She'll think I'm full of it but she'll love it anyway.

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