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March 24, 2000, 35 weeks
~ March Madness or Get These Babies Out Of Me!

Someone with an ever expanding belly is getting a little impatient. As Susan said last night, "The glow is gone; it's time for these babies to be born."

Meanwhile, I'm thinking "You know, baby, you probably have another month to go." Of course, I just think these things. I'm not dumb enough to say them out loud.

Right now things are quiet, like before a big storm. We've packed the bag, made preparations for Kate to stay over at Aunt Betsy's. And life goes on as if it wasn't going to be turned upside down any day now.

One of the things I've had to insist on is getting Susan to stop lifting things. Fortunately her stomach usually gets in the way when she tries to lift anything heavy. I don't want her going into early labor because of some damn filing cabinet.

Still waiting for the boys cribs to arrive from Connecticut. I'm sure they're going to look great.

Saw a new show last night called "Daddio", a tale of a stay at home dad raising three kids while his wife earns the big bucks. It was pretty funny. They also pointed out the negative stereotypes of dads, something I've experienced. The other week, I helped Kate down the stairs. I turned around to get the newspaper. In that short period of time, the little rascal managed to crawl back up to the second stair and then do a header down to the ground. It left her with a big nasty black and blue right on her noggin. I can't tell you how many times I heard about this. Mostly from women, saying what do you expect on daddy's watch. The truth is there are times when I let Kate run around and do things her mother wouldn't. But this wasn't one of them. And it kind of pisses me off that dads aren't suppose to keep an eye on their kids. Stereotypes, what are you going to do? Just ignore them I guess. Thank God, Kate's black and blue is finally going away.

Susan asked me last night if I was excited about the boys impeding arrival. I said, "I'm writing a weekly journal, doesn't that count?". Still, it seems like the quiet before the storm. I've got my pager sitting in front of me. When that thing goes off, I'm throwing down whatever I'm working on and getting ready for the boys. In the meantime, I'm off to the gym. Enjoy March Madness everybody; I'm hoping the boys will wait until April.

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