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May 26, 2001

Are they over a year old already? Thoughts from the longest and, believe it or not, the best year of my life.

Sean and MichaelHello everyone, long time no talk to. Well it is true what they say about multiples, it does get easier after the first year. Not that the boys are sleeping through the night. We seem to be the only parents of multiples who haven't managed to get their kids to sleep all night long. The problem is, the little dickens get hungry around 3am. Oh well, getting up once a night is a piece of cake compared to those early sleepless nights.

What I've found really interesting is how different their personalities are. Sean Robert (at least for the moment) is more laid back than his brother, more prone to spontaneous laughter. Michael Patrick is very analytical. He studies everything. He also likes to play catch. He's better at the idea of rolling a ball back and forth than his big sister. Michael also gets very excited when his favorite band "The Wiggles" comes on the VCR. He doesn't know what to do with his hands, so he just waves them in the air as fast as he can. Sean Robert likes to be held a bit more. When I pick him up, he likes to play cowboy. He'll jump up and down in my arms as if he was John Wayne chasing the bad guys.

Big sister Kate is now 2 1/2 and she is finally acknowledging her brothers. For the first year, she acted as if they were on a tryout and we would send them back soon. Now I think she's resolved to the fact they're here on a full time basis. Lately, she's started to include them in some of her hide and seek games. Both boys adore their big sister and like nothing better than her attention.

We've tried to introduce books to the boys with minimal success. They're much better at chewing the binders than turning the pages. Still, they are starting to flip through the pages themselves. We'll just keep at it until they grab the concept.

Now that the boys are over a year, we're switching them over to whole milk and away from formula which is saving us a lot of money.

They're big for their age. Michael is at the 75% percentile and Sean is at 95%. They're both over 27 pounds and 30 inches in length.

They're almost ready to start walking. They work their way around the tables and grab on to everything. Once they add walking to their resume, we're going to be in for quite a few anxious moments.

Although they look very similar, as you would expect from identicals, their spirits are much different. My wife and I can look at them and know who is who based more on the look of their face or the way they carry themselves. I don't know if that will always be the case.

In a few minutes I'll be going home and my wife will take Kate shopping with her. I'll be home with the boys. We'll play some catch, watch a video (I see "The Wiggles" in my near future) maybe devour a book or two. And before I know it, Susan will be back.

I guess that's the main difference right now. Time seems to be going much faster now that they're older and crying far less often. I'm enjoying this time, looking forward to the near future and not looking forward to seeing them all grown up.

As for any passing advice, try to remember when they're both screaming at you, that you've been blessed. It sure as heck won't feel like it at the time, but it's the only way I kept my sanity during year one.

Have fun everyone.
Kevin Lonnie

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