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Kim's Twin Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Kim's twin pregnancy journal.

Kim (27) and her husband, Travis (30), have been married 11 years. They are the proud parents of Brett (10), Krysta (8), Asher (4.5), Jordan (2.5) and Rayne (1). They took the plunge one last time and were surprised to learn they are expecting twins. Serena Corinne and Seth Daniel were born at 35 weeks on February 12, 2012.

Join Kim as she shares her pregnancy with us week by week.

Kim's Journal Entries


Meet Kim

Week 16

Week 17
The Difference a Week Can Make

Week 18

Week 19
Bad Week Frustrations

Week 20
Ultrasound update!

Weeks 21 & 22

Week 23
Low Iron and a Stomach Bug

Weeks 24 & 25
Under 100 days!

Week 26
Exhaustion Strikes Again

Week 27 & 28
Results and Happy Holidays!

Week 29
Happy New Year!

Weeks 30 & 31

Weeks 32 & 33
Uncooperative Babies

Week 34
Nothing New

Birth Story
The Babies Are Here!

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