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Kim's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ Halfway?

As I hit 18 weeks, I wonder if this could be my halfway point. Full term for twins is 37 weeks but who's to say that I won't go earlier on my own? Either by being induced for medical reasons or that's just when they decide to come. In my head, I have the end of February. The thought of them coming earlier than that is scary to me. I guess only time will tell. My husband and I think it would be cool if they decide to come on February 29. I'll be nearly 38 weeks by then so I think it's unlikely. Ideally, I would like to go into labor on my own and have a vaginal delivery. Hopefully things go according to that plan.

I've been feeling a lot more movement. Baby A has decided to move up quite a bit. "She" is almost to my ribs. It's astounding to me that I can be so big already. I think I've got some kind of foot, hand or head pushing there. It's pretty frequent. Baby B is down lower and I'm feeling lots of kicks or punches down there. I love that I can tell which baby is doing what.

Just four more days until my ultrasound! Hopefully we get that confirmation that Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. I have to admit, I will be a little disappointed if it ends up being two boys. I know I'll get over it quickly and love them just the same but I know I will have a little bit of initial sadness. I am trying to plan a gender reveal party the weekend after we find out. I think it would be a fun way to tell everyone. If there is enough interest, we will go ahead. If not, we'll just tell people over the phone. Not as exciting but I can't really control that. So my next journal entry, I will have an official gender announcement to make.


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