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Kim's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Ultrasound update!

I finally had my ultrasound on Thursday! We got there early, which ended up being good, because they had a whole bunch of papers for me to fill out. The first thing they did was check my cervix. They like to see it at least 2.5 cm long and mine was over 4 so that was good. The tech started with Baby A. Everything looks perfect! Poor baby kept getting kicked in the head by Baby B. Baby A was laying either transverse (sideways, for those who don't know) or breech (butt or feet down), kept switching. They estimated the weight to be 10 oz, which is pretty average. The very last thing the technician looked for was gender. Baby was sitting crossed-legged so I was worried we wouldn't be able to see. She found it after not too long and we found out that Baby A is indeed a girl, just like they guessed at 13 weeks.

She then started looking at the separation between them, and she said that they still think fraternal twins. She started looking at Baby B then. Again, everything looks perfect! Estimated weight is 11 oz. Baby B is also laying transverse. While she was trying to get a picture of something else, I saw something that I immediately recognized from already having three boys! Yep, Baby B is a boy, also the guess we got at 13 weeks.

We are very happy to have one of each in there. When we planned on having #6, we were hoping that we would even out the numbers and have 3 boys and 3 girls but the boys win out. The doctor came into the room and explained some of the risks that go along with having twins, all of which I've heard before (elevated risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, etc) and said that they would like the babies to be out by 38 weeks, which would be March 2. We are still hoping for a February 29 birthday. I will go back in two weeks for them to just check my cervix again and two weeks after that they will check my cervix and make sure the babies are doing well. If my cervix behaves, they will just look at it every four weeks when we check up on the babies.

I'm a little disappointed that neither baby is in a good position for a vaginal birth. I am terrified of having a c-section so I hope they flip. I'm afraid they're running out of room. Ideally, they'd both be head down, but they will let me give it a shot if Baby A is head down. They would then try to flip the other baby. We'll see. We still have four months until it comes down to that.

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