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Kim's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 21 & 22
~ Apologies

Before I update, I figure I should apologize for not writing last week. Sometimes things just get so hectic around here. The good news is that soccer season is finally over so things should be a little less crazy. Also, my daughter's soccer team got 1st place in the tournament they played in last weekend. Onto the pregnancy updates . . .

I had another ultrasound today. Mostly to check on my cervix which is still long and closed. I'm not really concerned about preterm labor. I kept all my singletons in for close to 40 weeks or longer. I have no doubt that these babies will stay in until at least 37 weeks, unless for some reason they need to take them earlier. They also checked the fluid levels and heart rates. Everything is just looking really good. Baby A is still breech and Baby B is still transverse. The doctor said that around 28-30 weeks, they should be in their final position. I'm a little discouraged that they haven't really moved at all but I'm holding out hope that at least Baby A will turn so I can get the green light to try for a vaginal delivery.

We have also started discussing names. Nothing official yet but we do have two top contenders. I can't say for certain if we will use either name and we are keeping it a secret until they're born. I figure that we can have at least one surprise with these babies.

Physically, I'm doing ok. My back seems to be improving some but my congestion issues just keep getting worse. I got a referral from my family doctor for seeing an ENT doctor. I believe I have a deviated septum which I normally just live with but adding in the congestion caused by pregnancy and it's pretty much to the point where it's unbearable. I am losing a lot of sleep simply because I have so much trouble breathing.

Emotionally, I'm doing pretty well. I find myself having more and more of anxiety about have two newborns and have four kids under the age of three. But I'm finding my emotions to be much more stable and usually I can get the anxiety under control pretty quickly.

That's all for this week!

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