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Kim's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 24 & 25
~ Under 100 days!

Two days before Thanksgiving we had another growth scan for the babies. I was very excited to see that Baby A had flipped head down since she's been breech all along. They checked my cervix first, and, as usual, it was very long. They still want to see me every two weeks just to make sure that everything stays good. They estimated Baby A to weigh 1 lb, 9 oz and Baby B at 1 lb, 7 oz. Those are good sizes for them. By the end of the ultrasound, Baby A had turned back to breech! At least I know she isn't stuck breech and she still has some time to turn head down.

Today I have exactly three months left until I'm 38 weeks. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will have two newborns to take care of in three months or less! We have a lot of what we need for them. I kept most of my kids' clothing but I picked out a coming home outfit for them. I just thought it would be nice to have something new to bring them home in. Also, a friend of mine with twins is giving me her old high chairs. They are really nice high chairs, too. Also, another mom that I met with twins has cribs that she's done with and offered them to me. I feel very blessed because finances are pretty tight right now and we have gotten just about everything we need for free. I'm hoping I can pass along all of the stuff we got when we're done with it.

I'm still feeling extremely worn out. I started taking iron supplements but I haven't been taking them every day like I should be. I have my blood test coming up soon to check my iron levels, as well as my blood sugar levels. I guess we'll find out soon if my iron is the problem or not.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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