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Week 26
~ Exhaustion Strikes Again

Despite taking iron pills on a daily basis, my exhaustion seems to be getting worse. I'm not sure if it's from low iron or something else. All I know is that I'm so tired of feeling this way. I have blood work tomorrow morning and I should find out soon if that's what the problem is. I also have my 1 hour glucose test then. I'm a little nervous about that since I failed it last pregnancy and had to go for the three hour test. The three hour test was horrible. I'm hoping to not have to repeat it.

I also had another ultrasound to check on my cervix and take a quick peek at the babies. I still have super cervix and it's very likely that I won't have any preterm labor issues. Both of their heart rates were 151. So we can throw that old wives tale theory out the window. As usual, things are looking very good, which I'm so thankful for.

This past weekend, we celebrated my husband's birthday. The big 3-0! I think he had a good day. I tried to make it a nice day. We even got some time without the kids. Not that we really did anything too exciting, but it was nice to eat dinner in peace and then go out for dessert. We also got together with some friends and played a board game.

Hopefully I'll write on time next week!

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