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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal
Kimberly and her family
Kimberly (34) and her husband Monte (35) have been married 12 years and are the proud parents of two sons and two daughters: Britton (11), Chandler (7), Kaitlyn (5), and Sydney (2). They are expecting their fifth child and probably last child in mid-February.

Join Kimberly as she shares the ups and downs of her fifth pregnancy with us. Her perfect son, Connor, was born February 17, 2007.

Kimberly's Journal Entries

Meet Kimberly!

Week 17
Nausea and Fatigue

Week 18
We Can All Use Help

Week 19
What's it going to be?

Week 20
What a week!!

Week 21
The Final Member of Our Family

Week 23

Week 24
Large Family Thoughts

Week 25
Family Came to Town

Week 26
Just Our Family

Week 27
Baby's First Fight!

Week 28
The Holidays Begin

Week 29
Rollercoaster Moods!!!

Week 30
Food Poisoning

Week 31
Happy Anniversary

Week 32/33
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Week 34
There is so much to do!!!

Week 35
I'm Sick!!

Week 36
Sorry I'm Late

Week 37
Everything is Coming Together!!

Week 38
Come Out Baby!!

Week 39
This Better Be It!!

Birth Story
Meet Connor

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