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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ What's it going to be?

Well the debate is on in our home. Are we going to have a boy or a girl? For my husband, Monte, and I it doesn't really matter. When you have two boys and two girls it takes all the pressure off of having a certain sex. We have talked about what if it's a boy. We haven't had a little baby boy in 8 years it would be fun again. Plus when Britton and Chandler leave for college, at 18, the baby will be 10 and it would be nice for Monte to still have a boy at home. On the bad side, the poor guy having two teenage sisters and your brothers are gone! Yikes!! But about the time we think we want a boy, we start thinking about what it would be like to have another girl. All the fun pink and how convenient to just have all girls at the end, they can share rooms and the clothes are still out from the last one. Basically for the two of us we are glad we don't have to make this decision. It is nice to know whatever the baby will be is already determined and we will love it.

Now our children they have definite opinions!!! Britton (11) wants another girl. He thinks their drama is fun. Chandler (7) wants a boy. He says he has only been a big brother to girls and now he wants a boy. Also he says if it's a boy, it stays in a pattern, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy! Kaitlyn (5) wants a girl. Of course her reason is that girls are the best therefore it must be a girl. As for Sydney (2) she doesn't have an opinion but I think when she is no longer the baby of the family she will form one!!!

Lucky for us we find out this Friday what the baby is and that should give the kids who don't get what they want time to be happy. The nice thing about my kids is that they are excited to have a baby and the sex won't matter in a few weeks, (I hope!). In fact the other big debate going on is that dad and I say we are finished, that this baby is our last one. No child in the house is happy about this decision, but Chandler is mad. He wants to know why I get to make that decision. He then tried to compromise with me and say how about if I just have two more after this one. I am glad he doesn't mind being from a big family, but Monte and I sat down and discussed with him how having children is hard on mommy and that we are ready to play with the ones we have and call our family finished.

By the way, if you think that these opinions are big you should be here for their opinions on names!!!

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