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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ What a week!!

I remember last Sunday looking back on what the coming week would entail. Let's see, I was turning 20 weeks pregnant, my daughter would have her 2nd birthday, and then on Friday, we would have our ultrasound and find out how healthy our baby is and whether it is a boy or a girl. Sounded like a pretty good week to me.

On Tuesday, my son, Britton, comes home from football practice and says he doesn't feel very good. I send him to bed with Tylenol and tell him to get some rest. The next morning he wakes up and says he feels sort of achy. I take his temperature; he has a small fever, so I tell him to stay home from school. Now it's Wednesday, Sydney's second birthday, and I hope Britton is okay. Around three that afternoon, the girls and I are making cupcakes and Britton says he has some really big bug bites on his stomach and chest. Little alarms go off in my head as I walk over and look at my son. A call to the nurse who lives down the street, and my suspicions are confirmed - my son has chicken pox.

I immediately call the three families we are having over to celebrate Sydney's birthday and tell them Britton has chicken pox. I also tell them he will not attend the party and I have already cleaned the living room and anywhere else he has been that day, but they are welcome not to come. All three families tell me that their kids have had the shot and that if Britton is downstairs and we are playing outside anyway, they will be fine.

We had a wonderful little party for Sydney. She didn't understand why everyone sang to her, but since they brought her presents, all is forgiven. As our friends are leaving, I go to change Sydney's diaper and what do I find - little bumps forming all over her diaper area. No!!! The chicken pox got Sydney, and on her birthday, no less!! Kaitlyn is next . . . I help her put on her PJs, and there, on her tummy, are those same pesky bumps!! Three kids all with the chicken pox!! This is going to be a really fun week . . .

The next morning, I call my midwife and leave a message on her machine, " I am 20 weeks pregnant and the mother of three children with chicken pox; if you are worried, please call!!" She soon called me back. I learned a great deal about pregnancy and immune systems. This little baby inside is safe from chicken pox as long as I have already had it. (Which my best friend of many years will attest to, since I gave it to her right as summer vacation was starting when we were 12!!)

Now the week is coming to a close. The kids are itchy, but doing well. Then, on Friday, the best news of all came. Our family in the beginning of February will be having a healthy little boy!! What a wonderful week after all!

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