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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ The Final Member of Our Family

This week was a lot less exciting, thankfully. Britton and Kaitlyn were all scabbed up from their chicken pox by Monday and were back in school on Tuesday. Kaitlyn, in Kindergarten, was excited and giddy to go back to school where Britton, in sixten Grade, was trying to convince me some of his bumps were not scabbed over. The difference in age! Sydney took a little longer, but she went on her first outing to the grocery store with me on Thursday. So it is nice to have my healthy little family back.

So I have now known for a week that our baby is going to be a boy. I am really happy. But there is some sort of finality with knowing that I am trying to get use to. I can now tell you my family is boy, boy, girl, girl, boy. We plan on this baby being our last; you spend your life wondering what your family is going to be, and now I know. Now of course things happen and life can change, but to my knowledge, I am going to be the mother of five: three boys and two girls. I kind of like knowing I am done and this is the family we are, but the idea that no more babies will be in our home, no more girls, it is strange. I think it will take time to get used to.

My mom and I were talking a couple of weeks ago and discussing what it feels like to be finished having children. When we were having the conversation I was ready to never be pregnant again! My mom was reminding me that at times I will be sad that I am done. I am sure that is true. When pregnancy is over and my little boy is getting older and I hold a soft little newborn, there will be that urge, but I just feel finished. I just feel complete. I have always prayed to just feel complete when I am finished and I feel that way. I can't wait till my little guy gets here, but I am enjoying his little kicks and all the goofy things that come with pregnancy--for the last time.

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