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Week 26
~ Just Our Family

Last week we had my family come to visit and now this week Monte's parents moved out of our house. My husband's parents have lived with us for almost a year due to illness and financial needs. What an experience grandparents can be!

As they were preparing to leave I started thinking about what advantages it was having them here in our home. If you use grandparents correctly they can be an invaluable resource to you and your children. I love my parents; they have always been close to my children. They have been there to support us when we need help and they are great examples for my children. They have learned when they need help, their grandparents are there to help them also. They have more than just mom and dad to turn to and because Monte and I trust them, we know it is safe for our kids to turn to them. Now they know this about their other grandparents also.

So for the last year Monte's parents have lived in our home and have gotten to know their grandchildren in a way that would be nearly impossible without living with them. They have learned how quiet Britton is and how he keeps things to himself. My father-in-law has learned the art of giving Britton advice without Britton having to confide deeply in him. I appreciate that. They have learned how funny Chandler is. How life is all about fun to him. They now know to get Chandler to clean his room you better come up with some fun way to do it. I think once when his grandparents were watching him he did it backwards! Kaitlyn, I didn't know, has a green thumb like grandma. This would have never come out if it was left up to me. That is grandma's talent and we are learning it is Kaitlyn's also. As for Sydney this year would have been impossible without their added love. I have decided it takes four parents to raise her, not two!!

Many of my friends have parents who don't care and find their grandchildren a bother. I am sorry. Grandparents are important. I have friends who set strict limits on their parents and even use their kids as weapons against their parents. Please, you are hurting everyone involved. Yes there are limits. Yes, I am the parent and don't go against my rules, but at the same time let grandparents have fun with them!!!

So as my in-laws drove away the feelings were mixed. It is so nice to have my home back and just be my family in it. Yet I know that my kids just had an experience that will influence them for the rest of their lives.

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