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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ The Holidays Begin

Well they are here! The Holiday Season has begun. This is the first Thanksgiving I have had absolutely nothing to do. I had no family plans--nothing. It was a little disconcerting but our neighbors invited us to their house and all I had to bring was a pie and salad. That hasn't happened since I was a teenager!! I kind of enjoyed it. I ate till my heart is content and only made a pie!!

As for the baby, he is doing great. I do want to know why he can't use the old stretch marks--I have plenty of them!! There is no need for him to create more, to have his very own marks on my body. It doesn't seem fair, some women can have babies and have no or very little stretching and then others, me, can have tons! Our bodies are all so different. Even though I wish I was one of the women who didn't get such ugly stretch marks I am still glad for our differences. We should never compare ourselves to each other, we all our women and have good and bad about us. I am just grateful my body, as painful as this baby has been, can handle having this last child.

Well hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed their Friday shopping!!

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