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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ Rollercoaster Moods!!!

Help!! My mood swings are awful. I don't like me; how in the world are my children and husband handling me!!! This week has been awful. I am eating a lot and I get angry so easily. I'm not sure what to do.

The other morning I found myself yelling at everyone and yet in my mind telling myself to stop yelling, it isn't solving anything. But there I was yelling, just the same. Then for a few hours I will be mellow and fine. I am finding it doesn't take much to set it off. My husband can say something I wouldn't normally appreciate but now I want to hurt him for saying it. I am also so homesick. I have lived here a little over a year and all of a sudden I miss home so bad. I know it is a mixture of the holidays and hormones on the loose but I feel lousy.

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I discussed it with my midwife. She gave me some advice on maybe some alternative medicines that might help. She also suggested at the end of the day when everyone is in bed, I should sit and relax for a few minutes alone. I told her that is when the guilt of how I acted all day comes out. She reminded me the Holiday Season can be stressful and add pregnancy hormones, which can mimick menopause, can make it tough so find some time to unwind or teach the kids you need time out too.

So I am going to try the medicine she suggested and try to take a break from myself. I feel bad; a two year old is bad enough all day but all my kids are off track for the month. I wanted to play and do things with them this month, not yell scream and ground them. So I am taking her suggestions and trying them, and if next week, my eldest son writes the journal entry that mom has been taken to an asylum . . . well you all will know why. Just having written it down is making me feel better. Have a wonderful week!

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