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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ Food Poisoning

The final countdown begins! The last 10 weeks are here. What a week this has been! I started out with food poisoning which is why I haven't written this week. Not a very fun thing to have, especially pregnant. My husband and I had it together and miserably lay in bed together. You know how when you are sick to your stomach and you just don't want to move? It is a horrible sensation when the baby is kicking away. I was complaining about how the baby was moving all over the place and making me feel miserable, and my husband says how do you think he feels!! You fed him the same thing you just ate and he has to listen to your stomach rumbling the whole time. So the three of us just laid there the rest of the afternoon feeling for each other!

All is well now. We are all feeling better (and so is the rest of my neighborhood that got it at a Christmas Breakfast). The baby seems to be feeling better too. He is a kicker! He is always moving. My midwife told me to start counting his kicks a couple of times a day and he should kick ten times in an hour. So far it has never taken more than a few moments to reach ten movements! I don't know if he actually moves more than my other kids or if I am just enjoying him more knowing that if is the last baby I will feel this movement with. Either way I, other than being sick, have enjoyed all of his little rambunctious movements.

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