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Week 33
~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Sorry about last week. As with everyone I was so busy it was crazy. The day after Christmas I did nothing but sleep! I way overdid it. It has been a really fun couple of weeks though. My parents came the week before Christmas and stayed with us. It is always fun having them. They took the kids to hundreds of movies and my mom and I did all the last minute shopping and cooking. I had a great time being back in the kitchen with my mom. I hope my daughters and I have such a fun relationship as my mom and I.

Christmas was wonderful. The kids got to bed really late on Christmas Eve, due to all their cousins coming over so they actually slept in on Christmas morning. I think it is the first time since Britton knew what Christmas Morning is all about that Monte and I woke up before him!

Well tonight is New Year’s Eve we have no special plans. Just eating snacks and playing games with friends and our kids. I feel like going to bed already but the kids will never consider that! The baby has been moving around in my stomach all day today. He must know it is a time to celebrate. A friend of mine that is due when I am just had her baby yesterday. But all seems okay she is three pounds and doing okay. It is scary to think that this will be over so soon, but at the same time it is nice to know whatever happens he can survive.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! I will write more next week. I have a doctor’s appointment at the beginning of the week. The appointment being right after these Holidays I am sure my weight will reflect how much fun I have had!!!

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