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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ I'm Sick!!

I am not a good sick person. Last week I wrote how much I needed to get done before the baby gets here and now I'm sick. I started getting a sore throat last week and lost my voice by Wednesday night and I still don't have it back. My five year old daughter comes into my room every few minutes yesterday and asked if my voices isn't scratchy anymore!

It is an interesting experience though. Yesterday was Saturday and it was the worst day. Lucky for me though my husband is home on Saturdays and I could stay in bed all day. I learned a lot about us yesterday!! I didn't get much sleep though because Sydney, 2, wouldn't leave my side. She could not be coaxed out of the room for very long at all. One of her favorite activities is playing blocks with Chandler, 8. He couldn't get her to play for more than a few minutes before she was back in my room. She would either lay on the bed next to me or she would bring her toys in and play on the bed. If she was forced to leave the room she would scream and scream. This does not bode well for coming home from the hospital with a new baby.

Now I can expect my two year old who is always active and with me to have problems when I am out of commission-but my husband!! Come on. I thought we were pretty well matched a good team. But I am discovering we are a great team -- He does his part and I do mine. Throwing him in with all the kids and household responsibility was crazy. I guess if you made me go to work for him for the day I would look like the deer in the headlights then. I had to remind him to put Sydney down for a nap. He wanted to know what to make for dinner. Where could Kaitlyn play. Or he just left them on their own to discover these things for themselves. He tried but by the end of the day I think he understood why I am so strict about bedtime!!

These things make me a little nervous because this baby will be the first time we don't live by any family. My parents are in California and Monte's parents are in Michigan and we are no where near either one! My mom has an airline ticket to come out, but if this baby is born early it is up to Monte and I and some choice neighbors to make this work. Luckily for our family we have some wonderful neighbors!!

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