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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Sorry I'm Late

Well, last week I was sick; I just can't seem to get over whatever is going on with me. That is not the reason this journal entry is late. Earlier this week I decided I was tired of waiting on everyone and my friend and I painted the baby's room. Well in the process of painting the room, I unplugged the internet connection and to my husband's chagrin, it is now not working! But I must say the baby's room looks really good!!!

Sorry this is a short journal entry but life is crazy and I am at a neighbor's using her computer. (Monte hasn't been able to fix what I did yet!) I am feeling tired and a little nervous about the baby coming but other than trying to get over this cold, we are taking each day as they come.

Hopefully by Sunday my computer hubby will have fixed his nesting wife's computer error. I must say though the man has been through this pregnancy thing before. He smiled said the paint looked good and he could fix the computer. I married a smart man!!!

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