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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ Come Out Baby!!

Okay two weeks ago I was dilated to a three. Last week I was dilated to a four. Yet here I sit getting swollen and feeling miserable!! Okay that is my complaint of the morning!

I have nine more days till D-Day! As much as I want him to come now I really need him to stay put until my other kids stop being sick!! Last week I had one home all week with a fever and nasty cough. Yesterday my kindergartner came home glassy eyed and red cheeked and she had a fever of 102!! I don't need fevers and new baby.

Thanks for the emails I got on having my tubes tied. I appreciate the responses and hopefully we will make a decision soon. I have nine whole days left.

I have discovered something wonderful That is having family come before the baby is born to help out. My mother in law I mentioned last time was coming. She is here and is helping out so nicely. I am tired!! It is wonderful having someone take some of the load off. Especially with having sick kids around this week. I have been able to pay attention to them as she has kept my house running. Thank you mom!!

Well there doesn't seem much more to talk about. I am just getting things done and ready for the baby and waiting for him to say he is ready to come. I pre-registered at the hospital this week and last night Monte and I toured the facility. Because we just moved here last year we have never been to this hospital. It was a good thing we went it took us a few minutes to find where the women's center was and where the best place to park was.

Well with any luck next week's email will come with pictures of the new baby!!!

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