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Kimberly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39
~ This Better Be It!!

Okay I am the next due to have a baby of the journal writers. It is time. I went to the midwife on Tuesday and the baby was sitting on my cervix which was dilated to a four and I'm completely soft. Yet here it is Sunday and I am still around. I told Monte I need to write my journal entry for the week and he told me this should be the last one before I give birth. It better be!!!! But that news did help.

It is crazy the things that happen to you at the end. If I don't answer my phone when friends or family call they get worried. If I am not home, if I just don't answer I get an answering machine full of "where are you?" and "what's happening?" So today I didn't go to church; it is too hard to sit for that long of a time. So of course there were a bunch of phone calls this afternoon making sure I was okay.

You know what is really weird are the off comments you get. I had one lady tell me she knows how I feel; she too gets huge at the end of her pregnancies! Huge!! Really, do I get to be called huge? I was actually feeling pretty good about myself that day! Or the, "Oh my you look like you could pop at anytime!" Thank you I would like to "pop" but the baby has different ideas!!! I must say I am much more mature; none of these comments made me burst into tears like they would of with my first baby.

So here is hoping this is my last entry before my "birth story." While I am hoping and dreaming the "birth story" will be short and sweet!! But no matter what at the end of it all I just can't wait to see my little boy in my arms.

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