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Entry 1 ~ December 22, 2009
~ Home at Last!!!

Santa!My baby boy, Jeremy, finally came home from the hospital. He was there for five week. From all the complications and things, he is doing great now. We were planning on picking him up after we got off work which was to be about 3. The hospital called and asked if we could pick him up earlier because they needed the bed. I left work early which isn't an easy thing to do and went to pick him up only to sit there for two hours. He didn't leave until 3 anyway so why make us come down there early when he wasn't ready to go? They had to schedule his follow up appointments and then the doctor had to see him and everything. Oh well . . . now he's home and he has to go to the doctor's on Tuesday for his five month immunizations even though he is five months. I can't help that they kept him so long.

After that on Sunday the 20th we took him to the mall to see Santa. Boy was it cute. He is such a little doll baby. He wasn't crying or anything. The little girl in front of us took the toy and then refused to go see Santa. She wouldn't go anywhere near him. I hope that when Jeremy gets older he won't be afraid. We took my 2 nieces to the mall with us they wanted to see him with Santa and we did some shopping. My nieces really had a good time with my fiancÚ. They were so funny taking pictures of themselves with the mannequins and stuff. I tell you Jeremy is going to be a wonderful dad. He is so good with kids.

After we left the mall we went to my sister's and spent time there and we decided that since I work on Christmas eve until 5 and this is when my family gets together, then my sister is going to pick the baby up from the daycare Wednesday and keep him overnight and then take him in to my parents on Christmas eve morning so that the rest of the family will get to spend more time with him. Then when we get off at 5, we will travel the 2 hours to my parents' house and open gifts. We are going to spend the night and spend a little of Christmas day with my mom and dad and then head another hour to Somerset to see Jeremy's mom and dad and spend the weekend there. I hope the baby handles it okay. I don't want anyone around him who is sick and his mom is always sick. I told Jeremy if his mom is sick she isn't holding the baby. I can't take any chances with him since he was just in the hospital for so long. He had about 5 blood transfusions while he was in there from all the surgeries he had but I want him healthy and happy.

Lil J is the sweetest baby you could imagine. He just loves to look at you and smile especially when he spits up on you; he just thinks that is funny and laughs after doing it. That and peeing on people. That makes him laugh too. I think he aims for people. Oh well whatever makes him happy. I don't think he will understand Christmas this year since he is only 5 months old but next year should be great. I will post some pictures and let you know how Christmas went.

Hope you have a wonderful and joyous new year.


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