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Entry 10 ~ August 4, 2010
~ Great News!!!

We went to the wedding, and boy was I upset. The rehearsal was on the 16th which is my son's birthday. Nobody told him happy birthday except Jeremy's parents. I was so upset.

The next day was the wedding. After the wedding they were taking pictures of the party. She took pictures with the flower girl but none of Jeremy the ring bearer. She didn't take any pictures with him until his dad said, "What about the baby?" So then they were taking pictures of the families. She got one of his side with all the in-laws and everything. Then for her side, all she took was of her, Jeremy and their mom and dad. Didn't include me or the baby. I was so upset. I didn't want to go to the reception but we ended up going and I wouldn't say a word to her. I was so upset.

The next weekend was the baby's party. It went really well. He enjoyed his cake. He got a lot of great gifts also. We saw the pediatrician again for his year shots and had another ear infection so he is sending us to an ENT for tubes in his ears. Then when I told him what the orthopedic surgeon said about amputating, he told us to go to John Hopkins for a third opinion.

After the party, we drove to Baltimore, and he had his appointment. They said do not amputate. He has a great foot. They said the hemimelia is very minor. There is only 4 mm difference so they are going to shorten the longer leg. What they do is put a metal plate in the longer leg to keep it from growing then when the shorter leg catches up, they will take the plate out and his legs will be the same length. For his foot that is twisted in, they are going to take out a piece of fibular bone that is too long and it will straighten out his foot. This is all done in Baltimore but it is same day surgery. No staying in the hospital. I am so glad we want for the third opinion!

After the appointment we traveled to my sister's in Delaware. We had a good time, and it was relaxing. Then we came home and back to work Monday. Boy does it suck to be back!

Well that's about it for now. The baby's ENT appointment is tomorrow so we will see when they do the surgery. Also this month, on the 22, we are going to the Toby Keith concert. I can't wait.

Well, talk to you all later. God Bless,

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