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Entry 11 ~ September 1, 2010
~ Tubes

The baby had his ear surgery on the 25th. He did really well. When we took him to the ENT doctor they asked us if he had four ear infections since January. I told them he had four in the month of July so they did the surgery. He did really well, and he ate great right after surgery. We took him home, he napped and then sat and played like nothing ever happened. It was wonderful.

We had his year review yesterday with Alliance for Infants and Toddlers. They said he is still a little behind so they will keep seeing him. He is progressing though so they don't have any real concerns. He is starting to crawl and stand but is having trouble walking because of his foot so they are going to get him a walker to help him until the surgery on his foot and then after that they will let him walk on his own without the walker. He's doing pretty well. I am proud of him.

We went to the Toby Keith concert and it was great. Last weekend we went to my husband's mom and dads to go to the fair for the demolition derby. We took the baby, and he loved it. He was so interested in what was going on. I'm glad he liked it. I thought it might be too loud for him but he didn't mind it at all. Then after the fair we went home. Didn't really do anything else but it was nice. This weekend we booked a hotel off Priceline; we named our price and they accepted it which was only 50 dollars so we will have a nice weekend. They booked us in one that has a pool, refrigerator and a crib. This way we can take the baby swimming; it's a heated pool and we can have fun. It will be very relaxing.

My parents are giving us their GPS system. Our's broke and they were getting a new one so they are giving us theirs which is really nice. My parents always look out for me. This morning Jeremy got in the car to go to work and it wouldn't start so I had to take him to work and then catch the T and then I have to pick him up. He got someone to look at it to tell him what was wrong and he is going to fix it tonight. He is a mechanic so he can fix it. We just have to buy the part. It was the alternator. Oh well, at least it will be fixed.

Well that's it for now. I am busy at work and have a lot on my plate recently so I'll talk to you all later.

God Bless,

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