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Entry 12 ~ October 5, 2010
~ Crawling and Pulling Up

Hello again!

JeremyNot much has been happening this month. We spent the weekend at the hotel which was nice but had to take the baby to the doctor. He had allergies to something; he had a rash on his face. Other than that, he has been good except for two more ear infections. I think it is finally getting better now. Not as much draining from his ear anymore. There was a lot but now it seems okay. I think they still bother him a little though cause he still tugs at them. Has anyone else had problems with frequent ear infections after tubes? Is this normal?

I have to call John Hopkins this week and get him his appointment scheduled for January for his foot. Then I will have to take off a couple days at work, which will be fine but it has to be done. Baby Jeremy is doing really well with crawling and pulling himself up. Jeremy had to lower his crib to the lowest setting because I went in and he was trying to get his leg over the top of the crib. I can't have him falling out of the crib.

He is so bad. He is just nonstop and refuses to nap. He just wants to go. When you go to the bathroom he chases after you and closes the door and holds it shut so you can't get out. He is so rotten but he is such a loving little boy. He just loves to cuddle and hug but then he wants down and wants to play all the time.

Well that's it for now. Sorry it's so short this month but I am really swamped at work right now. I will tell you all about that next time.

Take care and God bless,

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