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Entry 16 ~ February 3, 2011
~ Surgery Scheduled

Baby JSince the last time I wrote, we have had lots of doctors' appointments. We saw the orthopedic surgeon at Children's, and he referred us to two more doctors also within Children's. One is a limb lengthening specialist and another is just another orthopedic surgeon. The one doctor recommended the amputation, and the other told us about the lengthening. Now before we went, I did a lot of research and found that the kids who had the amputation did better than the ones with the lengthening. Then I talked to a girl who had it done when she was a baby and she is an adult now and she was happy her parents chose the amputation. She has gotten to do everything that she always wanted to do--play sports and she goes mountain climbing and all kinds of stuff.

Then I talked to the mother of a child that had two limb lengthening procedures and he hated them because they were so painful; then it didn't work and he ended up having to get an amputation anyway. So when talking to the lengthening doctor, he said they could do the lengthening but didn't know if they could use his ankle because it isn't formed right and he would have many surgeries because he is missing the growth plate at the bottom of his right leg. Every time he grew, they would have to do another surgery so they would always be playing catch up and I don't want to do that to him. So we settled on the amputation. They all say that it will be harder on his dad and me than on him. He will just grow up thinking it is normal.

Once we talked to the doctors, they said to go back to the original doctor, and he will schedule the surgery. This was a problem because I didn't like the first doctor, and I felt more comfortable with the other doctor so I made an appointment with him again yesterday. He said he could do the surgery so it's scheduled for next Thursday the 10th. They will amputate at the ankle joint then cast his leg for 3-4 weeks to let it heal then fit him for a prosthetic and he will be done. Thank goodness.

I haven't been sleeping and I have been extremely depressed and stressed so I have been seeing two therapists but needed a doctor so I made an appointment with my family doctor to see if he could prescribe something for me.

After this surgery I will be better I think but this has been very difficult for me to handle. People just don't understand what I am going through. This has been one thing after another since he was born-well, really since he was conceived--so it's been a long road and I just want him to be happy and healthy.

Other than that we really haven't done anything. My husband is having a few friends over on Sunday for the super bowl. We live in Pittsburgh so of course we are rooting for the Steelers. My friend from the military lives in Wisconsin so she is rooting for the packers. She is trying to sell Girl Scout cookies so I made a bet with her. If the Steelers win she has to buy me a box but if the Packers win I will buy her a box. So the Steelers better win. Although after talking to her she thinks the Steelers are going to win but she won't admit that to anybody else. So we are excited.

The week of Martin Luther King Day, I was sick with the stomach bug on Monday. Tuesday Jeremy got it, then Thursday I got it a second time. That's enough for me. I don't want that again. It was awful.

So that's it for this month. I will write after his surgery and let you all know how he did. Thanks and God Bless. Please pray for my son.


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