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Entry 18 ~ March 24, 2011
~ Infection

After Baby J's surgery, all was going well. He got his cast off and then got fitted for the prosthetic. It takes about 2-3 weeks to come in. The surgeon said his wound looked really good, and he was doing well. A week later, his wound was red and it started to drain so we took him to the ER and we were there for hours. Finally at 3:30 am they admitted him and we went home.

The next morning I was back there with him, and they were giving him IV antibiotics. We played in the play room and then all the nurses on his ward came in and played with him. The next day I had to go back to work and then went to pick him up. He was at the nurse's station again. Boy they just loved him!

He is still on antibiotics for another week and then he will be good. I took him to get the prosthetic and when they took it off to do an adjustment, the scab came off and there was white pus in it so they sent us back to the ER. I sat there for hours. I was supposed to be at work at 9:30. The doctor didn't even come down until about 11:30 so she wrapped it and let us go to continue the antibiotics.

This past weekend we went to Jeremy's parents' house. It was nice and relaxing but really didn't do anything.

Tuesday the baby finally got his prosthetic again; they had kept it last time to make an adjustment. It looks good and he tolerates it pretty well. He is having physical therapy today at daycare so hopefully all goes well.

This weekend I am going to my mom and dad's. My two nieces are in a dance competition out that way so I'm taking the baby with me to see it. I know he will enjoy it since he enjoys all music and entertainment. He is really quite easy to please.

We decided to have his birthday party this year at my mom and dad's house since they have two acres of land. Anna, my oldest niece, is making the invitations. Sponge bob. Boy does he love sponge bob! The decorations are rather cute. They have bubble wrap on them to make him look like a sponge. Plus little pants and wiggly eyes. It is just so darn cute. So she also made her mom take her to a cake decorating class because she wants to make his cake also. Plus she is making decorations. What a sweet girl. She is having a big birthday this year. It's her sweet sixteen. Wow how time flies. When I graduated high school she was just 1 month old. Wow am I old or what?

Not much else has been going on here. I saw my doctor and she put me on different meds but I had to change my appointment. She quit having morning appointments so I just don't know how I can do that. I work till 6:30 so I need to find someone else. This sucks. Oh well I'll just keep looking.

Take care until next month . . . God Bless.

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