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Entry 19 ~ April 26, 2011
~ Happy Easter!!

Hello again!

Lil J's therapist was fired a couple weeks ago. She told me that she needed to speak to the doctor who did his amputation to get a script for therapy. I gave her the number and when she called back, she said she talked to the nurse practioner who told her Lil J needs therapy at Children's and she couldn't do it. This is not what his doctor said so I fired her. We got another therapist. I did talk to the nurse practioner and she never said that to the other PT so she was lying. So he's has a new physical therapist, and we also started him at a new daycare. This one is cheaper plus they pay to feed him we don't have to bring food for him. In just one day, he is so much happier. I picked him up and stood there talking for 20 minutes before he even realized I was there because he was too busy playing. He is such a cutie.

A couple weeks ago I went to the ER. I was really sick and I had a lot of pain on my right side. I also was three weeks late so I thought I might be pregnant because we have been trying but the test was negative. They did an ultrasound and found a large cyst. So I had an appointment with my OB who delivered little J and he wants me to have another ultrasound in a couple weeks. If the cyst is still the same size or larger they are going to do surgery. If it is gone or smaller then we have to decide whether to do surgery or have him help me get pregnant. I have endometriosis and that makes it difficult to get pregnant. Usually once you have a baby it goes away, however, they also say that if you have a c-section all that air when they open you makes it spread and makes it worse and I had a c-section with lil J so I don't know what to do. I really want another baby.

Friday was Good Friday so I had off of work and then I took off yesterday. We went to my mom's for Easter and we had a good time. My sister and I took my mom shopping for Mother's Day on Monday and we got our nails done, went to lunch and shopped a little bit. My sister and I were going to split an outfit for my mom but she didn't find anything she liked so she bought me a purse. My mom is so sweet. She also bought me four pairs of capris. I couldn't believe she did that.

My mom and dad just love lil J. He is so funny. We were having Easter dinner and he ate everything and he was so cute; he even wiped his mouth with a napkin. He is so sweet. Although that day he did nothing but eat. He constantly had something in his mouth and since then that's all he wants to do is eat. Yesterday he had ham, potato salad, mountain salad and sweet potatoes, a roll and a piece of cake in one sitting. He just constantly wants to eat. I'm afraid next time he goes to the doctor he's going to have gained 10 pounds although he could use it because he is so tiny. He is going to be two and he wears a size 12 month pants. I did laundry and he has about 25 pairs of pants that are size 12 months. That's not counting shorts. He is just so tiny but holy cow how many pants does one kid need?

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and I will talk to you all next month.

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