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Entry 2 ~ January 6, 2010
~ My Little Piglet

Christmas was great. The baby stayed at my sister's and then went with her to my mom and dad's and he did great. Everybody just loves him. This was the first time my sister, who lives in Delaware, got to see him since he was born. She loved him. She bought a couple outfits for him and when he came in, she took one look at him and had to go out to the store and exchange them because they weren't going to fit. Oh well.

He didn't really doing anything for Christmas; he just sat there and watched everybody. He didn't play with the toys he got but he stared at them and smiled. So I think he enjoyed it. Jeremy's mom and dad's house was okay. But then we went to his uncle's house and he wanted to leave. Jeremy's step dad is in a wheelchair. He has MS. His brother lives in a house that is two stories. They usually take the truck and pull it around to the back of the house, and they put up a ramp so that he can just wheel the wheelchair up it. This year they didn't take the truck, just the van, so he didn't bring his wheelchair so Jeremy and his uncle went down to help get him up the stairs and his uncle got mad and told Jeremy that he should have had the wheelchair loaded last night. I don't understand this because how was he to load it the night before when his dad needs the wheelchair to get around and it was his choice not to bring the truck but the van so Jeremy was a little mad.

New Years wasn't that great. I was sick and we just sat at home and were in bed by 9 so it was really uneventful. I came back to work on Monday and still felt pretty horrible so I called off yesterday and went to the doctor's only to find out I have a sinus infection, double ear infection and a stomach bug. I feel a little better today.

Yesterday the baby also had his appointment with the doctor. They had originally put him on a high calorie formula because he wasn't eating as much as they wanted him to. In just a few weeks he went from eating 4 ozs every 4 hours to eating 6 ozs every 2 hours. So they took him off the high calorie and put him back on the normal. Plus we are to give him rice in his formula once a day and to give him baby food once a day. Yesterday he had squash. He wasn't too thrilled with this. If anybody has any suggestions as to what he might like please let me know. Other than that he is doing well.

The developmental therapist came yesterday also and worked with him. She said as for his hands and eyes he is doing great. He tracks things and grabs a hold of things and brings them to his mouth. However since he was in the hospital so long and they took the bone off the back of his head he can no longer hold his head up on his own so they have to work on that with him. Plus they have to work on him using his feet. He has a foot deformity which they are going to have to fix. It's pretty rare so the doctor has to research it to find out how to fix it. His tibia bone in his leg is twisted. It looks like a club foot but it isn't. This is yet another struggle we are going to have to overcome. They also want him to wear a helmet for a while. His head is really misshapen because of being in the hospital and lying on his back so much that the one side of his head is flat. They said if that doesn't get fixed then his facial features will become distorted. They will shift to the side of his face and I don't want that so when he goes back to the doctor I'll have them give him a helmet to wear.

Some days it is a real struggle with him because he is stubborn. He wants what he wants when he wants it. When he wants to eat he will scream at the top of his lungs until you get his bottle ready. He doesn't like to wait. However he loves the water. I take him in the shower with me and he loves it. He puts his face under the stream to get it wet. I think he will love the water. I won't have to worry about him being afraid to get his face wet.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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