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Entry 21 ~ August 16, 2011
~ Terrible Twos!!!

The baby's birthday party went so well. It was absolutely adorable. I will post pictures as soon as I download them on the computer. We got a new computer so this one is different and I can't figure out how to work it. My brother decorated my parents' garage with blue tablecloths and painted fish on them and had painted a huge pineapple on the wall so it looked like Spongebob's house. The baby was so excited to see it. The cake my niece and sister made was amazing. They couldn't do the whole thing 3d because it wouldn't feed enough people so they made a sheet cake, decorated the bottom like water, made a 3d Spongebob out of rice crispies and put fondant on him to make him look real, then had figures for the rest of the show. It was so adorable. Plus the cake was awesome. Man do I have a great family or what!!

The weekend after his party we took my nieces with us and went to the pool. This was the baby's first time swimming and boy did he love it. He was giggling and laughing and kicking his feet; he a great time. Of course, then we went to the mall and let him play in the children's area and this little boy knocked him down, kicked him, had him in a headlock and was jumping on his head. I went over and told the little boy he couldn't do that because lil J has problems with his head. Then this father came over and started yelling at me. I told him he needed to watch his child because he was jumping on my son's head and he can't have that because of the shunt. The father said if he has problems he shouldn't be in the play area. Why not?! He is just like all the other kids but you really don't expect for someone else's child to jump on your child's head. The father turned to my husband and said, "Gee I can see she's a problem." That was it. I took off down the mall and got a security guard. He tried to get the guy's info but he wouldn't give it to them so they called the police to get it. If we would have had a problem because of this child then they need that family's information.

I had my surgery. It went well but aren't the doctors supposed to come talk to you after surgery? Mine didn't. He told Jeremy I was fine and that the cyst wasn't what was causing the pain but they took it out. Apparently it was all the endometriosis I had and he cleaned that out and that's it. I woke up all black and blue and in serious pain. I had a wonderful nurse and we now talk all the time. She is such a sweetheart.

Jeremy finally got a job. He started on the first of August. He is working at a Dodge dealership working on cars. He only works 8-5 and has every other weekend off. This is so great. Plus he has been there for two weeks, and they are looking for someone to replace him so they can move him up. They said he was too knowledgable and too good at what he does to keep him doing oil changes. This is wonderful.

Last weekend we took lil J to Chuck E. Cheese. He was on one of those rides and a little boy came up, put his arms around lil J and tried to pull him off. I told him to quit that. The dad came over and said sorry about his son. At least that dad was nice but come on, what is it with kids?

We went to a yard sale on Saturday and bought a couple clothes for lil J and the mother said her son was just a little older than Jeremy so she didn't have a lot that would fit him. I asked how old he was and she said he will be 2 in December. Lil J is already 2. It's pretty bad that we are buying clothes from a child that is younger than he is but he is just so tiny.

The alliance tested him again. He is no longer developmentally behind so they got rid of the developmental therapist. The physical therapist still comes and they added speech but the only thing he isn't doing is speaking. He understands you and follows directions; he just won't speak. I think he's just stubborn. He has started taking things out of the fridge and hiding them. I found the milk in his closet. Yeah, it was bad. The condiments in the cabinet, the juice just sitting under the table . . . what am I going to do with him? He flushed all kinds of things last weekend. Oh well. I love him to pieces but I GUESS THAT'S why they call it the terrible twos.

Well that's it for now. Hope you all have a terrific month and I'll talk to you soon.


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