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Entry 22 ~ September 14, 2011
~ Daycare Horrors

Hello again!

The weekend before Labor Day we took the baby to the fair in Somerset County for the derby. The baby really liked it and was clapping and pointing to the cars. Then about half way through it started to rain and we ran to a building so we wouldn't get soaked. We had a good time though. The day after Jeremy's cousin, aunt and sister came over to his mom's where we were staying and we had dinner before we came home. So the next weekend we took him to my parents' house and took him to the Cambria county fair. He road a pony all by himself. It was adorable. Then he rode a ride and didn't want to get off. It looked like rain so we went to a barn and it poured. The baby didn't want to sit and had my niece walking him all over the place. He had to be in the rain; he didn't want to walk where it was dry. Oh well he had a blast. Then we went back to my mom and dad's and my nieces were laying on the floor and lil J crawled on their backs so they would give him a horse back ride. Now I think he is going to want a horse. He is such a cutie pie.

The next day we went to the mall. He was tired and slept, then we went home. It was a nice weekend but both fairs got rained out. What luck I tell you.

I am taking the baby out of this daycare that he is in. I am just furious with her. Last week we paid her 400 cash and we still owed her 40 dollars. I asked if we could pay it Monday because we could only get 400 out at a time and she said no. So then last week Jeremy was supposed to meet her at 11 on Friday but when we got up, lil J wasn't breathing right so he had to take him to the pediatrician's office right away. The daycare lady called me at work yelling. I said he will be there but he had to take the baby to an appointment and she said if it was an appointment I should have told her yesterday. I said no we didn't know about it; he just jumped in the car and took him and then he had to get x-rays.

So anyway then I told her we are changing daycares. He is to start a new daycare on the 3rd. I dropped him off Monday and the daycare asked where his foot was. I said we didn't put it on him today because he was getting a rash and I didn't want it to get worse. She had a fit. I told her I am his mother and if I didn't want him to wear it, he won't. She said what if someone stares and I said so let them. I am proud of my son and don't want him thinking it is wrong to have an amputated foot and that is the kind of message she is sending. Plus she refuses to put him down for a nap and won't allow therapy to come and then goes off shopping or whatever with my son. She said, "Well I guess there's not much more you can do to me?" Well she doesn't know me very well for I protect my family and my son. After he starts his new day care I am turning her in to the licensing people. She doesn't put the kids down for naps but takes them all over the place so I will be turning her in. I am so unhappy with her. Also on Monday I called and told her lil J would be a little late as he had an appointment to go to. I took him to his appointment which was ENT; they did a hearing test and can't rule out a hearing loss so we have to go back. But anyway we got to daycare about 10:30 and she wasn't there. I waited 40 minutes and she never showed so I had to take a vacation day at work. So then she threw a fit and said she was always here when we needed her. I said, "Oh really? What about Tuesday. You never showed up." She said she ran down the street to a lady's house and was only gone 15 minutes, then proceeded to tell my husband when he dropped off the money that she was at the magistrate. She lied to me or him. I am so tired of her. She made me sign an agreement that if Jeremy is late after six picking him up it is a 2 dollar fee for every minute. Well yesterday he was there to pick up the baby and she didn't get there till 6:20. Well that should be a deduction then. She wants us there on time but she doesn't have to be on time? What is it with her? Sorry I am venting but I just can't take her attitude anymore.

Well I guess I will go. Lunch is about over and I have a meeting at 2:30 and still lots of work to be done. Talk to you all next month.


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