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Entry 23 ~ October 18, 2011
~ Winning and an ER Visit

Hello again!

Not a whole lot has happened this last month. We went to the Mended Little Hearts basket bash and man did we make out! Last year we didn't win anything but this year we did. First we won a basket that had candles and wine glasses in it. Then we won a trip to a hotel in Greensburg not far from us. Then we won a trip to mountaineer casino in West Virginia about an hour from here. Then the baby won a basket that had Thomas the Train stuff in it. It had glasses and plates and bowls and placemats, a dvd, and a book. Then he won frosty coupons. Ten of them. Then I won a massage. I couldn't believe how well we did. I was pretty happy with that!!

We went this past weekend to Greensburg for the hotel and we went swimming. They had a heated indoor pool. At 1:30 am the baby woke up screaming and having a hard time breathing. We had already been giving him breathing treatments, wo we took him to the ER. They transferred him to Children's Hospuital by ambulance. Jeremy went back to the hotel to get our stuff and then met us at Children's. I rode in the ambulance with lil J. They wouldn't transfer him without an IV and they stuck him 10 times. It was sad. So by the time we got there Jeremy had been there for an hour. The first ER thought he had pneumonia but Children's didn't think so. They gave him an hour long breathing treatment. He also got steroids and Tylenol. They sent us home at 9am to give him breathing treatments every four hours whether he needed them or not. He saw the pediatrician and is doing better but still needs the breathing treatments.

Jeremy got a new job. He gave his two weeks. He should have started his new job today, but the guy from the new place called and said that he couldn't come. The guy was hiring for a fourth postion and then found out after he hired Jeremy that he could only have three. So Jeremy went back to the old place and they gave him a raise, not much, but a little bit.

Therapy is really getting on my nerves. She isn't seeing him twice a week like she is supposed to and now she sent a note home saying that he has behavior problems. He tries to take her glasses and throws things. I'm sorry but first of all that's pretty normal for a two year old and second of all, he can't talk so he gets frustrated and that's when he throws things. What does she expect when he's only 2?

Not much else to report on so I guess that's it for now. Talk to you all next month.


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